2013-2017 Blog Posts

Don't forget this weekends clinic is "Do you even lift, Bro?"  We will be working on 2 foundational lifts followed by a team oriented goals workout.  Barry will be teaching the first half and Daniel will be teaching the 2nd half.  This will be a good basics course so feel free to bring a friend.  Look forward to seeing you all.(Free to members, $10 for drop-ins)

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those that were impacted by the loss of "Missy".  This is just another reminder that life is to short to stress about the small things.  Focus on your health and living your life as happily as possible.

Starting to see a lot of growth at the box.  Just wanted to say thanks to all our hard working members for their praises and dedication not only to their fitness but to keeping our community strong and inviting.

So the WoD is set and the date is good.  We hope to see you all on Sept 30th for the benefit in honor of the Barefield Family.   All proceeds will go to the Shriner's Hospital for Children.  For more information check out our start page or see us on facebook

Completed a test run of the WoD we are planning for Sept 30th.  More details to come soon, but its going to be a tough one.  Come out to see what the community is about.

2nd "Mini-Box" Competition Scheduled for Saturday March 25th at 3pm.  Check the Event board for more details.  This one will be a team effort so be thinking about your team.  The proceeds will be use to purchase more toys for the box.

Will be revamping the website soon with links to the daily wods that will transition smoother than the previous members only section.  Stay tuned.

It's that time of the year again.  The CrossFit Open is coming are you ready to test you progress.   If you have never took on the challenge of the Open then head over to the CrossFit Games page to get signed up https://games.crossfit.com/ .  Don't be intimidated, there are several divisions and we will be doing the WODs as part of our class programming.    

Summer is here which mean Community WODs around town.  We pride ourselves in community so what better way than to get out in the community.  This means we will be closed Saturday May 28th for normal classes.  However, if you want to come do an off-site WOD with us, be at the box by 9:30am.  We will leave promptly(9:40am) to head to the workout site.  Once the WOD is over(about 11:30) we will go somewhere in downtown Augusta for lunch.  Cost is $3 or bring a friend(non-member) and of course this does not include the cost of lunch ;)

in the bags and today is the last day to do/re-do 16.2   Very proud of all our members and their push on these workouts.  The big question is: What will 16.3 be?

Huge Thanks to our Members for making the Odom's Baby Shower WOD & Celebration a success.  This just further shows how much of a community CrossFit can build with the right attitude.

If you enjoyed this non-traditional celebration and want to do one for something you have coming up in the future let us know.  We are always looking for ways to get families/co-workers more involved in each others fitness.

The new years resolution hype is wearing off and so our peoples hype towards their fitness goals.  Don't be a hype person, instead lock your fitness goals down and make them become a lifestyle not a fad.

Happy New Years to our CrossFit Family and friends.

12 Days of Christmas was as challenging as always.  Thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate this wonderful time of year with us.

Christmas is just around the corner.  We hope that everyone stays safe and has a wonderful time during the Holidays. 
Our schedule will be as follows:
12/24(Christmas Eve) 6am, 11am to 1pm
12/25(Christmas) Closed
2/31(New Years Eve) 6am, 11am to 1pm
1/1(New Years Day) Closed


The yoga class on the 5th was amazing.  Special thanks to our wonderful instructor/teacher.  If you missed out the next class will be this Saturday(9-19-15) at 8:45.  

As with any specialty service/class it is open to members($5) and non-members($10).  If you need more details feel free to contact us anytime.   

Classes Cancelled for this Saturday(July 11th) and Sunday(July 12th) We apologize for the inconvenience.

Family Day WOD!!!

Saturday August 8th is the date as of today for our Family Day WOD.  Everyone is invited even if you are not working out.  This is for families to have a chance to hang out and meet everyone.  There will be food, a few door prizes, WOD(s), bouncy house, and a special one day rate offer for any new signups.

Lake WOD was a great success!!!

Thank for those that came out to throw down and just hang out.  For those that missed out we will be doing another off site WOD in July.  Just incase you missed the WOD it was an old games WOD with a small twist. 
Partners of two in relay style(Each movement):
Swim Distance A
25 DB Thrusters
25 Burpees
Swim Distance B
25 Thrusters
25 Burpees
Swim Distance A

Congratulation's to Sumner and Kris on their big day!  We hope you have a long fulfilling life together. 

Off Site WOD on Saturday June 13th

Make sure you sign up on the board.  Cost is $4 or commit to bringing something for the group. The box will bring waters and some of the members will be bringing various foods(if you are eating a particular way feel free to bring your own food).  This is a free to family and friends event but we must know ahead of time.

We are in the process of considering space and what WOD we will be doing, which is all based on how many will be attending. There will be water involved in at least one of the WODs so dress appropriately!!!!  It's also a BYOB but we will regulate(basically not allow) WOD participation to anyone drinking before the WOD for safety reasons.

Memorial Day!!!!(5/25/15)

All regular class times will be canceled.  We will be having a 1pm and 2pm class to celebrate and pay our respects to those that fought and died for our freedoms.  Grab a friend and come join us for a difficult, but humbling WOD.

BIG NEWS North Augusta!!!

We are going to open up 5 slots for people interested in personal training.

We are looking for motivated, coach-able, and optimistic people who are willing to make sacrifices for their life changing journey.

Message us quickly before the 5 slots are occupied if you are interested and we will inform you on how to get started!!!


We are planning an off-site wod, looking at Saturday June 13th.  It will most likely be at the lake.  We will give more details as it gets closer but please mark your calendars now. 

Atlantic Regionals are over, next stop the 2015 CrossFit Games.  Although we did not send a athlete this year we are proud of those that made the top 5 in our region.  Good luck to all of you in Carsen. 

Next intro cycle starts Monday May 18th at 5:15.  There is only 1 slot left for this two week round so reserve your spot ASAP!!!!

Don't Forget!!! We will be closed Friday Evening to allow our coaches/athletes the chance to go watch Regionals.  Modified hours will be as follows:
Friday 6am
Saturday 3pm-5pm
Sunday 2pm-5pm

Big thanks to Barry and Will for holding down the fort while we take some time to support those competing in the Southeast Regionals.

"Happy Birthday Avery"

2rds for time
200m run
20 Toes to Bar
200m Rune
20 2for1 Wbs
200m RUn
20 Pullups

Congratulations for Josh and Coach JRose for competing in the Garage Games "Wod N Roll" competition this past weekend.  Big thanks to all those that come out to support these two athletes.  Also, big thanks to CrossFit Good Vibesfor hosting this event.
 Next local competition will be at CrossFit 706 to support David Johnston's The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 's (LLS) Man of the Year campaign.  If you are interested in trying this one out see on of the coaches for details. 

Morning classes are still rolling, if you are a morning bird or just want to start the day off right come in at 6am Mon/Wed/Fri to throw down.  
Also Congrats to Jeremy, Katie, Zack, and Coach Daniel for surviving the Savage Race this past weekend.

We just wanted to give a shout to our athletes running in the Savage Race this weekend in Dallas, Ga.   Good luck and be safe.  Side note if you missed out on this one but are interested in doing a Spartan/Savage/Tough Mudder/Etc. let us know.  If we have enough interest we may even throw together a boot camp style course to get you geared up for one of these obstacle/mud runs.

The next two week(6 class) intro cycle starts on April 7th(Tuesday)  Sign up now to get in, only 2 slots left.  Classes will be Tues/Wed/Fri at 5:15pm for two weeks.  This will give you the base foundation needed to kick start your fitness journey.

Don't forget we will be meeting at Wild Wings Café to watch the last Open WOD at 7pm.  The box will close at 7:30 promptly to allow everyone to be there.

3rds for time
400m run
21 Kettlebell Swings
12 Pullups

3pm Classes will be canceled until further notice.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Last chance to get 15.2 in if you missed.  Must be done during open gym 5pm-6:30pm unless otherwise arranged.  Good luck and bring on 15.3.

3rds for time:
800m Run
50 Back Extensions
50 Abmat Situps

Added Class Time!!!!!
We now have a 6am morning class for those that want to get their day started off the right way.  Class starts at 6am, doors close at 7:15am.

Moving closer to the 1 year mark.  We appreciate the community and all the support we have been given.  Look for an update coming in the next few days on a huge giveaway!!!

Thanks for coming out to the grand opening! We collected 42 can goods, 33 clothing items and 6 toys for