I like the OCR type races because it is purely me against the course.  It allows me to see what I am capable of without letting me prepare or practice for what is up and coming around the corner.  Spartan Race uses the phrase "be more human" and to me that is exactly what it is, as humans we are capable of extraordinary things and these races are how I prove that to myself.  It is a rush to place an obstacle that is 13.1 miles of mind and body challenging size in front of you and taking it on without fear.  It is satisfaction that I have never experienced before to have it behind you knowing you did it on your own. ~Jeremy Weathersbee

CrossFit is the optimal way for us to set ourselves up for what is considered General Prepared Fitness.  This put us in a position to survive most of what life throws at us from a physical standpoint in a general sense.  This being said, as an avid CrossFit trainer I enjoy Obstacle Course Racing.  This love for the sport began with the Marine Mud Challenge held on Ft. Gordon in Augusta, Georgia and carried through to the Ultimate Challenge Mud Run in Columbia, South Carolina.  Both of which I have ran several times over the past 7 years.  Although these local runs will always be remembered as my start, I continue to subject myself to the expanding world that I now know as O.C.R.(Obstacle Course Racing).  Whether its a Spartan, Savage, Rugged Maniac, Battle Frog, or some off the map unknown race, the challenges they present allow me to test my fitness in ways you could only imagine.  ~Daniel Odom

I am not a runner, anyone who knows me can attest to this fact. I am however ALWAYS willing to do a "mud run" or obstacle course race. I love pushing myself to complete even the toughest obstacles. I may walk between obstacles but I give as much as I can to complete them with or without help from Daniel. ~ Katie Odom