The Sport of Obstacle Racing is rapidly growing.  Groups made of elite athletes to lifelong friends to co-workers to couples are all gathering to take on these challenging and sometimes grueling courses.  CrossFit is a great way to prepare ourselves for these constantly varying challenges, but for those that haven't taken the steps to try CrossFit we are offering a short-term solution.  If you have always wanted to try a race but worried that you weren't "ready" or just aren't sure if you could "handle the difficult" we are offering you a chance to scratch that off as a barrier to you and this goal.  Contact us about our 8 week "boot- camp" style crash course to have you ready to not only survive but survive while enjoying the experience.  Below are a few testimonies as to how exciting and fulfilling these obstacle courses can be:  


I like the OCR type races because it is purely me against the course.  It allows me to see what I am capable of without letting me prepare or practice for what is up and coming around the corner.  Spartan Race uses the phrase "be more human" and to me that is exactly what it is, as humans we are capable of extraordinary things and these races are how I prove that to myself.  It is a rush to place an obstacle that is 13.1 miles of mind and body challenging size in front of you and taking it on without fear.  It is satisfaction that I have never experienced before to have it behind you knowing you did it on your own. ~Jeremy Weathersbee